Quarantine - Distance learning

The education and training process hasn’t stopped.

It is just transferred to a distance learning mode.

All students should contact their professors and lecturers via internet messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, IMO, etc.) or Email. Contacts of the teachers are given to the monitor and some students for every group, and they were supposed to spread contact information among group members.

Students should carry out laboratory works and machine drawings according to the given manuals and descriptions represented on the quarantine page of the site of the department #406 and MENTOR system.

After completing every section (2D and 3D) of the laboratory works the students should carry out individual assignments for every section.

 The drawings should be photographed and sent to the teachers as well as screenshots and logs of the laboratory works and individual assignments.

Hope for further fruitful collaboration!

Thank you for understanding




1.     Laboratory work 2D No. 1 "Objects in AutoCAD. Settings. Layers. Line Types. Graphic Entities." 

2.     Laboratory work 2D No. 2 "Editing of objects. Object Snap. Conjugations. Dimensioning."  

3.     Individual assignments - 2D contour. After completing laboratory work 2D No. 1 and No. 2, you must perform the test work as directed by the teacher.

4.    [16/03/2020-22/03/2020] Laboratory work 3D No. 3 "3D-Solid modeling in AutoCAD 2020 (model 500)". 

5.    [23/03/2020-29/03/2020] Individual assignments - Drawing of a shaft. Drawing of a shaft by its parametric description is performed.

Мanual "Shafts and gears. Representation in a drawing", exercise 3, p. 29-31

According to the specified dimensions, you carry out a shaft drawing on an A3-size sheet. Identify and draw the necessary cross sections (for example, cross sections of keyways, holes, shanks), make the necessary local cuts, arrange the remote elements (threaded grooves). Place necessary dimensions. An example of a working shaft drawing with several elements is shown in Fig. 50.

6.    [30/03/2020-05/04/2020] Laboratory work 3D No. 4 "3D-Solid modeling in AutoCAD 2020 (model 400)". 

7.    [06/04/2020-12/04/2020] Individual assignments - Drawing of a shaft. Drawing a shaft according to a given axonometric view.

Мanual "Shafts and gears. Representation in a drawing"/ Exercise 5, p. 32-44

Draw a front view of the shaft along arrow A and complete the three sections indicated. The section by plane “А-А” should be placed on the continuation of the track of the section plane, section plane “B-B” in the free space of the drawing, and the section by the “C-C” plane is in projection connection with the main view. Dimension. The drawing must be done on A3 format. An example of the drawing of the shaft is shown in Fig. 51. 

8.   [13/04/2020-19/04/2020], [20/04/2020-27/04/2020] Individual assignments 3D models of parts

After completing laboratory work No. 3 and No. 4, you have to construct 3D models of parts according to their drawings made earlier at classes in university. (You have two drawings: simple section, offset section).



You can download the manual "Shafts and gears. Representation in a drawing" to complete the task here: http://k406.khai.edu/uk/site/Literatura.html