For International Students

The administration of NAU «KhAI» takes measures to prevent the disease with the coronavirus COVID-19.

In accordance with the order of the rector in NAU «KhAI» from 12/03/2020 to 03/04/2020 is quarantined. The quarantine is extended according to the order #176 (25/03/2020) of the rector of KhAI from 3/04/2020 to 24/04/2020.

During the quarantine period any mass events including class face to face training process are prohibited as well as visiting of the university territory.


The education and training process hasn’t stopped.

It is just transferred to a distance learning mode.

All students should contact their professors and lecturers via internet messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, IMO, etc.) or Email. Contacts of the teachers are given to the monitor and some students for every group, and they were supposed to spread contact information among group members.

Students should carry out laboratory works and machine drawings according to the given manuals and descriptions represented on the quarantine page of the site of the department #406 and MENTOR system.

After completing every section (2D and 3D) of the laboratory works the students should carry out individual assignments for every section.

 The drawings should be photographed and sent to the teachers as well as screenshots and logs of the laboratory works and individual assignments.

Hope for further fruitful collaboration!

Thank you for understanding




Quarantine - Distance learning